A Touch of Humor (an old joke)

Bob had finally retired and was looking forward to spending more time with Phyllis, his wife of thirty years.

This extra time with Phyllis made him aware of things that he had, regrettably, missed during all those years when he was  paying more attention to the wants and needs of others; and some things concerned him.  He went to visit his long standing friend, fishing buddy and family physician, Ed.

“Ed, I’m worried about Phyllis, I know she has a serious hearing problem.  Is there a way I can discretely test her, at home, to gauge the  extent of her problem?”

“Well, when she’s in another room, ask her a question; if she doesn’t respond, step about ten feet closer and ask the same question.  Again, if she doesn’t answer, step another ten feet closer and ask the question.”

“Great, I’ll do it tonight…and we need to go after those strippers next month,” and with that Ed, assured he had his answer and could confront Phyllis with empirical evidence of her shortcoming.

Later that afternoon, Phyllis was dusting in the dining room and Ed finished emptying the dishwasher when he asked, “What’s for dinner, hon?”  No answer.  Ed moved to the door between the kitchen and the dining room  and asked again, “What’s for dinner?”  Again no answer.  Ed stood beside his mate and again asked, “What’s for dinner?”

“For the third time, chicken.” 


Team colors

Team colors

The SWMBO finally allowed me a pedicure. She sat in the chair next to mine. She is a petite 5′ nothing but she seemed to get smaller by the minute as they applied the Orange and Blue.
Three sixteen year olds, getting mani-pedis for a prom were making suggestions; orange with polka dots, etc. Everyone laughed (except the SWMBO…not speaking too me again).