I’m trying to be faithful to my blog and you wonderful people that drop by and have a read. ¬†But in a few hours i must go to my least favorite of Dr.’s appointments, Pain Management. ¬†Every visit is like surrendering in another one of many many battles.

I may appear defeated, for a day or so, but I will return.

God bless, many hugs and peace out.



Was there ever me?

The night,

bitter cold,

my breath, like brush strokes,

painting the moon lit sky.

Is it the cold or the solitude that cuts so deep?

Hands thrust into coat pockets,

collar pulled up against the wind,

a wind that covers the sounds of a man


Tear filled eyes capturing

blurred images of a distant tree line,

hoping to see, someone…someone that knew

the me

a man of gentle madness and rage,

all those things

that make a person who they are

…a man both tempered and tarnished

through he years.

with heavy sigh,

the images clear,

the trees, the moon

and the solitary man…painting the sky.