The Diamond In-The-Rough Family Jewel: Dad

Mallie Bleau Moore, Jr, Cdr. U.S.N. (ret.), (1919-1993)

There are so very many sides to this man, not all pleasant to look at.  He was undeniably…human and in many ways amazing.  I have five siblings, a fact he often bragged about; my three sisters and two younger brothers (one I met when he acted as ring bearer at Dad’s wedding…to his mother).

Dad had a habit of being out of the country when any of his children were born.  I started the tradition.  My mother and I lived with Mom and Grampy Vogt, in Scarsdale, which was to say, we were isolated from my of the world.

Dad was being transferred to Norfolk, VA after serving three years as part of the Occupation Forces in Japan, the most important thing was I was going to ride a train with my Dad.

Like most four year olds, I stood for the first few hours and demonstrating my rather precocious nature, I asked questions about everything.  Dad demonstrated his wisdom…he answered each and every one.

My first observation, upon seeing our Conductor (the first African American I had ever seen), “Daddy, look, there’s a chocolate man.”  To which he replied, “Yes sir, he’s chocolate, I’m vanilla, I’ve seen lemon men and even strawberry men.  All great flavors, just remember, son, they’re all men.”

I continued to pester him for another four hours.  Some how I knew that he had and would have marvelous gifts to share.Image