Why Fairy Tales?

In my “About” page I talked of writing about “My Family Jewels”, and then, for no apparent reason, I insert a 4 part story, a fairy tale.  What, may you ask, has this to do with The  Family Jewels.

I’ve pulled down an ancient tome, binding and pages worn through constant use: Anderson’s Fairy Tales, its first page has, in pencil, 5/6 in the upper right corner (an exorbitant price for the time) and across the balance of the page, written with a fine point Esterbrook fountain pen (that I came to know well):

“Dear Mike,

May the pleasures of these stories stay with you forever, and may be make life good fun for believing in “little men” and fairy tales-


3 February 1953″

Fairy Tales are and have been a big slice of my Family Jewels.