I’ve reached the age of retirement.  Retiring, in my family, is tantamount to suicide; a rather PC suicide but suicide none-the less.  Not a single male in my family has survived more than two years after retiring.

With roughly six months left to live, by family reckoning, I thought I would reflect on this terminal lifestyle I walked into.

My day begins at 3:20, yes that’s am.  Its at that time that Duchess (our 17 year old pup) wants her morning walk.  My own aging bladder allow me to appreciate her request.  We’ll stop at the top of the stairs where I can give proper attention to her ears and chin, stroking each in turn and discussing the day’s plans; at which point there will be a gathering of the entire extended family: Calie (the Calico) situated midway down the stairs, Poe, the raven (had to throw that in) black mutt of a cat at my right and Alix the mischievous gray tabby that keeps trying to push me down the stars.

Daily duties: walk the Duchess, very very early, feed the critters, make coffee, wake the SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed, borrowed from Mr. Mortimer) and see her off to work.

Off to work, taking the car, the only car (downsizing), she takes the only vestige of independence known to man.  “If you need to go anywhere, hon, call my folks.  They’ll be glad to take you.”  At the mercy of the SWMBO’s 86 year old parents.

I’ve not been to a movie since my retirement party.  The thought of the SWMBO’s mom stepping out of her car, gliding over to me, with the aid of her walker, “Michael, wait out front after the movie and stay under cover if its raining.  Do you have your phone?”  I saw my mother the first day of second grade placing a sign on my back that said, “Please Bully Me”.

I’ll wait, In Demand is cheaper and far less humiliating.

After an exciting start to the day, there’s the dishes, laundry, ironing, working in the yard, working on the yard, battling the yard and after using every weapon at my disposal, the yard is winning.  “Hon (guess who’s speaking), why don’t you just hire someone.”

I do all the work and some guy with a pick up and a fast mower takes all the gory.  Never.  I will conquer the yard! Hopefully, I’ve six months to whip it in shape and the SWMBO will have the insurance money to “hire someone”.

Oops, she just called, folks over for dinner, got to clean (and really really wax the halls, her mum said she used to love to skate).


Please look at my other blog, “The Family Jewel’s” about much more interesting people.  Thanks, God bless.



Emergency Responce Times

30 September 2017

Office of the Mayor, New Worldsville, State of Caution Her Honor, the Mayor, wishes to acknowledge the concerns of New Worldsville’s citizens regarding response times to emergency calls.  Mayor Weaver is confident that 911 calls being followed by 27 minute waits (on average) for police, fire and ambulances will soon be a thing of the past.


04 October 2017

Presented to the City Council receipt of delivery: 50 hood-mounted Laser Canons from Weaver Munitions Works, New Worldsville, State of Caution. Weaver Munitions Works factory technicians provided to install said canons on designated city vehicles,


07 October 2017

Directive to Chiefs of Fire and Police Departments, New Worldsville, from the Office of the Mayor.

Those vehicles that have been equipped with the new accessories will be the first deployed to any 911 emergency calls.  If in the course of responding to these calls, should any civilian vehicles not acknowledge proper right of way, use of their new equipment may be warranted and sanctioned.


12 October 2017

Notice from the Office of Ms. Darcy Weaver, Mayor, New Worldsville, State of Caution

Mayor Weaver is happy to announce at this time that in keeping with her promise of 30 September to the people of New Worldsville, emergency response times have been slashed to 4 minutes.

She is pleased, as well, to report that there are now over 14,000 employment opportunities available for those young people that survive to graduate from our fine centers of learning.


The mayor looks forward to the opportunity of serving you for another 4 years.

Drive courteously…and don’t forget to vote.

Draw Near

and that, dear friends, is what has brought us here.

A Soul's Walk

After trying it my way
For so many years
Perhaps, as it turns out,
the “on my own” approach
is not going to work.
You know at some point
After a period of diligence
You begin to suspect
That you have tried enough
both in duration
and intensity
and now it is safe to say
Well, frankly that way just did not work.

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away from the towns

and the well trod lanes,

the avenues and squares

comes the call

the call of the calliope


even now

in hours that should be lost to sleep

it calls

and in my mind, visions

in those visions so clear

I dance beneath the bright colored tents

of some long ago fair

dancing to the music of the calliope.