A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 7

There are times when you must follow a certain pilgrim.

Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart

Day 7
Topic: Seed growing

Yesterday I planted a seed
I was dedicated to leave it
And let it just breath it’s way through
So i named the seed ,be
And left it like that

When I returned
It had merged with the seeds
Life and grief
And was torn between 
Exist or fade
I watered them both
Before it had a choice
And then I left it to be again

On my return be had been busy
Faded grief and let life exist within the seed

It said to me,
In the beginning it was all dark
A small spark ignited and a voice spoke
I am life, feed me and I will feed you everything.
From my right I could hear a whisper 
And that was all it said

I was left curious
For days I was left with myself
To draw the lines between what…

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Author: MW Moore

I am surrounded by books with great, even heroic quotes, grand philosophies and theologies, mysteries and wonderments. I've never met an author of any. Oh what a finer person I would be if I had raised my voice above the pounding of the sea with Cicero, walked with Saul on that road to Damascus and on and on and on. Well, I didn't. But I've met some pretty swell people that had something to say...and many are related to me; they're My Family Jewels.

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