Jan. 2

Today I slept in.  I should never do that, the changes that can transpire…allow me to explain.

The SWMBO has a rigid calendar she lives by: Easter decorations are out by Ash Wednesday, Halloween is out Oct. 1, Thanksgiving is out Nov. 1 (the pandemonium as Halloween is taken down and Thanksgiving set up in a single day) and joy of joys, Christmas is out the 4th Friday in Nov. (the day after Thanksgiving, again with the collisions occurring in the transition.  But, but Christmas must be gone by Jan. 2, not before and certainly not after.

I climbed into my bed, twinkling lights on swags in the windows, the scent of pine filling the halls up and down the stairs and the tedious noise of Alix discovering just one little bit of wrapping paper singing me to my slumber.  When I awoke, it was all gone, no lights, no swags, no pine the house was completely barren…and somewhat sad.

Nine coffins were laying before the door to my “office”, the end of another season and I was to put them to rest in their proper places in the attic.  Morning coffee took a little longer than usual perhaps because of my reflections on seasons past or I really hate putting those buggers away. 

Author: MW Moore

I am surrounded by books with great, even heroic quotes, grand philosophies and theologies, mysteries and wonderments. I've never met an author of any. Oh what a finer person I would be if I had raised my voice above the pounding of the sea with Cicero, walked with Saul on that road to Damascus and on and on and on. Well, I didn't. But I've met some pretty swell people that had something to say...and many are related to me; they're My Family Jewels.

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